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Leveraging Audience Intelligence to Power up Decision Making in the Media Industry

Posted by Siddharth Goli
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Are you a media executive who wants to get into the audiences' heart and mind to know what they are thinking about right now, what they currently want from you and what they are expecting from you in the future? Analyzing your online audiences’ data can help you achieve more than just this. Decision making based on audience analytics from different devices, data types and sources is making its mark amongst all levels of a media organization. Traditional analyses depended on audience size and demographics which was complex and highly unreliable. Insights are now gleaned with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Machine learning with massive audience data from social media, web and mobile platforms being synthesized for prescriptive, descriptive and predictive analysis.

Engagement is constantly gaining importance over exposure and it can be gauged through sentiment analysis over social and digital channels. This can be matched with demographic, consumption and behavioral data, and conversational times. Social media listening provides personality traits, word clouds and real-time insights around a brand, with cloud-based visualization apps easing out the whole discovery process.

Online Influencers or fans are modifying audience behavior with each passing click. The potential of an influencer's word in the world of social media marketing is huge and it comes with additional benefits such as brand advocacy, loyalty, trust and a very high ROI. Identifying these influencers, monitoring their conversations and engaging with them for a deeper connect with the audiences is an urgent necessity.

Emotional Analytics are also evolving with usage of machine learning and AI to identify emotions of the audience using a webcam. This can help content producers adjust the 'emotional quotient' of their content, snip out the ‘dull moments’, address issues in the content, and maximize the 'highly engaging moments'.

Online content producers diversifying their content based on audience conversations, TV programmers shifting time slots, movie producers diversifying their genres along audience's preferences, retailers placing their products on the right pages and advertisers knowing the exact movement of the consumers’ eye balls are all industry aspirations and can turn into reality very soon - thanks to audience intelligence.

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Siddharth Goli- Solution Consultant, Media Practice, Wipro, Ltd.

Siddharth is an experienced solution consultant for the Media practice within Wipro BPS wherein he is responsible for building solutions and practice capabilities, designing marketing and demand generation strategies along with industry research. He holds an MBA from SIBM Pune specializing in Marketing Management. Siddharth has prior experience in the E-commerce, Brand Management and Marketing fields.

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