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Nischala Murthy Kaushik

Global Marketing and Thought Leadership - AWS Cloud and Blockchain, Wipro, Ltd.

Nischala Murthy Kaushik is currently Global Head of Marketing AWS Cloud and Blockchain. In her current role, she is responsible for end-to-end marketing strategy including a mix of offline and online marketing initiatives aligned to strategic business priorities. Her focus is on gaining global mind-share with customers, partners, analysts and industry community by crafting an integrated messaging to ensure one voice across all brand communications. Her charter also includes design of thought-to-finish strategic outreach programs through a differentiated influencer engagement strategy.

To her credit, she has been responsible for winning 7 global awards across her portfolios through simplification of messaging via storytelling, integrated GTM (go-to-market) strategy and creative digital, social, content marketing programs. She is a recognized expert on Thought Leadership strategy (with byline in NewsCred , Marketo ) and has developed a process for exceptional digital delivery of content across all social channels with a 100% Say : Do ratio for content initiatives. She strives to move the dot on quality of content and speed & agility of content creation through a well-defined content life cycle process which provides holistic impetus for content architecture, design and planning; and industrialization of content production through tools, templates and trainings.

In her career spanning more than a decade, she has shouldered diverse roles both in India and abroad (US/Europe) - being responsible for top-line growth, strategy, business innovation, thought leadership, marketing, customer relationship management and project execution. Nischala has done her MBA from IIM Bangalore - One of the premier B-schools in India. She is currently based in Delhi, India.

Nischala loves writing, believes in the power of words and is an avid blogger with byline in The Economic Times , The Huffingtonpost and Times of India. She was a Winner at the 2016 Rising Star Awards; a new Awards Recognition Program to highlight achievements of Top 50 female talent in India (by Barclays and WeAreTheCity) and was also featured on the Planet Earth’s Biggest List of Empowered and Inspiring Women : Made In India. Her blogs are featured among the Top Marketing Blogs in India, Directory of Top Indian Blogs and Most Widely read Indian Bloggers and Directory of Best Indian Blogs. Her claim to fame is a full-page Newspaper Interview, a TED(x) talk and being Featured in #PowerWomenAtWork – the drivers of change, 101 inspiring women aka rockstars. Lastly, she is also among the Twitterati with a mention in the Must Follow Indian Women on Twitter and 50 Indian Women to follow on Twitter

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Customer Centricity

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