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Wipro’s Testing as a Service portal

The response to the launch of Wipro's Testing as a Service portal has been overwhelming from the "Testing Intelligentsia" like analysts and journalists. Since launch we have had several briefings with media and analyst community and there is a strong consensus that testing services needs to evolve precisely in the direction of 'on demand, buy online and consume online'. There were quite a few questions on the kind of services that can be bought and consumed online. Also there were quite a few debate points on how to position this with the existing customers. Also there were quite a few discussions around what is the back end infrastructure to realize high degree of automation that is required for 'self-service'. Finally, there was a consensus that testing as a service can be considered on par with other Business Process as a Service like Collaboration as a Service, Analytics as a Service etc.

I summarize below my thoughts on the points listed above.

For now this portal hosts only 5 services and soon more services will be launched. The services that will on onboard will have to meet a strict set of criteria both in terms of service definition and our readiness to serve. Also this portal is targeted at new customers rather than existing customers since the existing customers are probably better off buying additional services in the framework of our current relationship.

As for the backend automation engine, this is a big technical challenge and will be taken up in phases. For now the portal only enables the customer to browse services, choose service parameters and request for a proposal. In the next stage, customers will be able to buy the services online. In the final stage the customer will be able to consume services online and a robust service automation engine will be built for this purpose.

Also, it takes a minimum critical number of services to be online before the probability of an average customer seeing a service of interest becomes high. Our plan is to onboard more services so that this critical number is reached quickly thereby enabling significant business to be acquired from this portal.

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Mahesh Venkataraman- General Manager, Innovation Center - Testing Services

Mahesh Venkataraman has over 21 years of experience in the IT industry. During his career, he has handled a variety of roles in hardware and embedded system development, project and program management, large transition management, business development, technology management, testing and quality assurance.
He is currently heading the Innovation Center of Testing Services Business Unit in Wipro Limited and is responsible for creating an innovative ecosystem that has the mandate to research, build, pilot and deploy testing methodologies and lifecycle accelerators. His areas of interest include general management, large team dynamics, testing technologies, applied innovation and organization development. He is also a visiting faculty at IIM, Kozhikode for the areas of Software Engineering, Project Management, E-Commerce and E-Business courses.

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Sri Hari Haran - January 3rd, 2012

TaaS! A service which is useful to the whole IT community across the world for its own benefits. Great solution & service :)

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Kyle Nopeman - May 14th, 2011

The response to the launch of Wipro’s Testing as a Service portal has been overwhelming from the “Testing Intelligentsia” like analysts and journalists…..

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