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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tablets That Mean Business

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In recent weeks, we have all come across news of a plethora of new tablets being launched by companies ranging from Google to Acer. iPad, Surface, Nexus, Kindle, etc., are becoming synonymous with high-end mobile devices that are lighter, slimmer, faster and come with longer battery life.

Each day there are new concepts and innovations that take these devices a notch higher than their older versions. Each new generation of tablets boasts big improvements in pixel density and image quality, creating photos, acting as gaming consoles and making movies more life-like. To lure the end consumer and stay a cut above the rest, each device comes up with an aggressive pricing strategy.

Innovations in terms of form and size are the norm right now. There is an increasing trend towards making these tablets more portable and handy. There are already researches underway which might create artificial intelligence and augmented reality in tablets as thin as paper.

Technology could one day allow tablets to be folded, rolled up and tucked into a pocket like a newspaper. This however would also require device components like screen displays and chips to be flexible and resistant to damage. At Stanford University, Professor Zhenan Bao's team is already at the crux of a breakthrough in its research on a similar technology where they have developed a stretchable, super-sensitive and solar-powered "electronic skin", or sensors that can feel a touch as light as that of a fly.

Academia as well as speciality companies are all vying for innovations that will break all barriers in achieving science fiction dreams. Although tablets of today are sophisticated devices carving a niche of their own and capturing larger market share of personal computers, they are also quickly moving towards the concepts of being flexible, bendable, pocket-able and wearable.

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