Businesses in Australia are embracing new technologies as they look to engage more with customers today than ever before. There is a need to realign strategies in an increasingly digitised marketplace and reallocate technology spends across traditional and business-driven IT.

At the heart of organisational growth Down Under are Mobility, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Cloud and Digital initiatives. Organisations are scouting for partners who can help address challenges in traditional as well as IT-driven areas by bringing efficiency, agility and scalability within the existing technology landscape, while also quickly adopting new technologies.

Wipro, with its deep knowledge of the Australian market, helps you Do Business Better by successfully implementing programmes in Big Data, Mobility and Cloud, as these become critical success factors in organisational growth.

We have been working with several organisations in Australia since 2002, and have more than 1500 employees across the region. In addition to over a decade of Consulting & IT Outsourcing experience in Australia, we offer localised teams and a proven track record with some of the leaders across industries. We serve over 100 customers across diverse industry segments, including close to 20% of Top 100 ASX companies. These include:

  • 2 of the Top 5 Australian Retailers
  • 2 of the Big 4 Australian Banks
  • 3 of the Big 4 Insurance Firms
  • 2 of the Top 3 Gas & Electricity Retailers
  • 2 of the Top 3 Telecommunications Companies
  • 2 of the Top 3 Mining Companies

Our deep knowledge of the market dynamics, along with our global business experience, operational excellence and insights, allows us to develop and implement innovative solutions to help customers Do Business Better. Over the years, we have invested in localising capabilities around technology, business processes and project management.

Our Presence:

  • Sales offices: Sydney, Melbourne, Taylors Beach, Brisbane, Perth
  • Development Centre: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide (IT and BPO Centres)

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