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Wipro’s view of Corporate Social Responsibility is derived from the concept of good citizenship, wherein corporates have a powerful presence in society and a responsibility towards the creation of an equitable, just and sustainable society.

  • Skills development and localization (SD&L )with vision for long term nation building
  • Inclusive social growth
  • Building sustainable ICT capability in South Africa

Goals and outcomes
Our goal is to provide skills development along with computer literacy, helping to empower citizens and ensuring sustainable job creation in South Africa.

    Computer learning incubators and library

    • Sustainable economic transformation and job creation

Community computer center

  • IT Training and job creation

Library project

  • Upliftment of entire communities
  • Enhance the learning experience and to impart education

Graduate program

  • Provide an opportunity for graduates to choose their career paths
  • Encourage graduates to become an integral part of Wipro’s organization.

Wipro believes in making a lasting impact towards creating a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. We also believe that as a key enabler to improving society, education can enable growth and development in multiple dimensions. Our core business relies on a skilled workforce and we have extensive years of experience on education programs in India.

Wipro is boosting the employability of local South African graduates and extending our global expertise in the IT services business locally through a skills development program. In addition, Wipro contributes to social upliftment through a number of high impact community development projects. These initiatives not only contribute to progress in South Africa; they are perfectly aligned with other programs Wipro has created over the years in India and other parts of the world.

Our on-going work towards our commitment and responsibility towards the community at large in South Africa includes:

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  • BBBEE Level 2 achieved
  • Dedicated South African subsidiary
  • 75% job retention from previous internship programs

Wipro understands and appreciates that the BBBEE policy intends to create sustainable wealth and competency development across a broad spectrum of previously disadvantaged South African society.

We have identified South Africa as one of the 6 important Strategic Growth Centers for Wipro Technologies globally. We have created a separate subsidiary, Wipro Technologies South Africa (Pty) Ltd to provide the focus on services to South African customers.

Wipro today is a BBBEE level 2 contributor scored on the ICT Charter – generic scorecard; an improvement from BBBEE Level 4 in 2012.  We are proud to share our story of this achievement. The following information is our on-going work towards our commitment and responsibility towards BBBEE and the community at large in South Africa.


  • 100% scored in ‘Exercisable voting rights in hands of previously disadvantaged people’
  • 100% scored in ‘Exercisable voting rights in hands of black women’
  • 30.58% black ownership

To bring in dedicated focus for skills development in South Africa; Wipro has formed a skills development trust (Trust) under the leadership of Wipro’s South African Management Team.

The Trust’s charter is to develop skills and create jobs across South Africa.

The Trust, in consultation with Wipro’s senior business team identifies skill requirements for the medium and long term. Based on these requirements, Wipro interviews unemployed and previously disadvantaged university graduates and other candidates to participate in this training program to fulfill the project requirements. The training programs are tailored to provide both technical and leadership skills.


40% representation of black people in senior top management

Wipro believes in empowering our employees and promotes several employee advocacy groups and conducts surveys to constantly gauge the health of the organization. At Wipro, employee feedback is an important tool for implementing changes required for development of the people and business. Given this background, Wipro South Africa has its own management control board.

The board is represented by Wipro employees from the previously disadvantaged group, representing the management, technical, delivery, sales and support functions.

We currently have 2 black women on the senior management committee.


  • About 500 South Africans employed
  • 44% previously disadvantaged  employees in middle management
  • 84.5% previously disadvantaged employees in junior management

Wipro South Africa is cognizant that transformation and localization needs to take place. We are therefore committed to equal representation of South Africa’s demographic diversity and have implemented strategies, policies, and practices aimed at altering the gender, disabled and equitable balance of Wipro South Africa.

Today, our employees represent the demographic diversity of South Africa at different levels of our organization and have set aggressive targets to improve our ratios.  Our recruitment is geared to tap each part of South Africa through several channels such as social media, campus career fairs, website adverts and word of mouth publicity.



  • 94% achievement in the BBBEE SD pillar
  • Over R9 million Investment since 2012

Skills development is ingrained in Wipro’s DNA and is included at all junctures of an employee’s journey at Wipro. We can proudly boast of minimum average 12 day training for each of our 140,000 employees across the globe. With highly skilled resources we are able to deliver successfully to our customers.

Some of our best programs that we have brought to South Africa include:

a) Graduate internship/ WEESA program

Skills development and job creation is a top priority for both industry and government in South Africa. Due to the localization of its workforce, Wipro is able to extend the company’s global expertise in IT services to South African nationals through the WEESA “Wipro Employability Enhancement for South Africa” program.

Prior to selection, students undergo a selection process consisting of analytical and mathematical exam, followed by personal interviews. These employees then go through a rigorous training program in Wipro‘s Centre of Excellence in Johannesburg for a period of 3 months. The program is conducted by a team of trainers from Wipro’s talent transformation team and includes both technical and behavioral aspects. Assessments are done at each stage of the training schedule. This is similar to Wipro’s Project Readiness Program (PRP)  run in India.

Graduate internship

All students in this program have scored above 75% and the attitude of the group is worth complimenting. They are enthusiastic and very proud to be part of the larger Wipro family and part of the Wipro story in Africa. They have now been deployed in the various projects in South Africa.


A program highly appreciated by the Department of Trade & Industry in South Africa

Our plan is to capitalize on our proven track record in training. Selected interns now have the opportunity to visit India for a period of 2 months under the Wipro Oversees Internship program (WOIP).

In the last 3 years, Wipro has completed three batches of internship covering more than 180  students. 75% of these students are currently working with Wipro in South Africa.


b) Graduate training program for leading banking client

  • A Graduate Program for Customers
  • In partnership with one of the top banks in South Africa
  • Customized technology and soft skills programs done for over 150 South African customer associates since 2010 in India.

Wipro is happy to share its expertise in training with our clients. We have successfully completed 4 batches of graduate training programs for one of our leading banking clients from 2010 till date covering over 200 South African associates. The client associates underwent a 1 month training program on specific technologies at Wipro’s training facility in Bangalore, India.


In our procurement process, we strive to promote black-owned and female-black-owned small-to-medium enterprises and exempted enterprises. These practices are not only implemented, but measured and analyzed for improvements.  Wipro South Africa scored 100% and a BBBEE recognition level of 125% on the procurement pillar in the BBBEE scorecard.


Organizations need to be increasingly mindful of the impact that their operations have on society at large, and this requires much more than isolated measures. Under the various programs launched under SIYAPHA across locations in South Africa, Wipro aims at providing skill development, computer literacy and creating sustainable jobs in the country.

a) Computer Learning Incubators

Wipro has identified and aligned its CSR initiatives towards setting up computer learning incubators across South Africa.

  • Investing over R3 million in 5 projects in rural South Africa
  • Setting up the Ingula computer center in Driefontein (KZN) and selecting 3 SMMEs to train and run the facility.
  • Setting up the Modilati computer center in Hammanskraal (GP)
  • Setting up 3 library cum internet cafés in Eastern Cape and KZN and selecting 2 SMMEs to train and run the facilities
  • Developing a toy library at the Slovo Centre of Excellence in Brixton (Johannesburg, Gauteng)


b) Library project

    Today approximately 92% of public schools in South Africa do not have libraries or librarians.

The provision of school libraries is not a luxury but a necessity. The notion of good education is derived from principles, capabilities and values.

LIBRARY AT ESIKHAWENI, KZN built out of old shipping container – An SMME was selected from the community and trained on the new venture set up and the librarian’s role.. This was done to ensure long term sustainability for the project.

public schools in  South Africa

TOY LIBRARY AT SLOVO CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE (SCE) in Brixton – SCE runs an after school project for the children from nearby impoverished slums. The toy library provides an educational outlook to the children while they are playing.


Wipro partners with SA’s Industrial Development Corporation to create technology access for rural school learners

Computer labs will be set up to benefit 28,000 school students in South Africa.

Wipro (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading global IT, consulting and business process services company, today announced that it has launched a three-year corporate social investment project in South Africa, in partnership with the country’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). Wipro will set up 29 computer laboratories that will benefit 28,000 students from rural areas.
The labs, to be used primarily by students from grades 7-12, will be set up in 29 schools adopted by IDC in provinces across the country. The program will first be rolled out in the Mpumalanga, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape regions. Most of these schools are located in places where the need for technology education is paramount. The program will provide fully equipped and connected computer labs to each school, supported by a sustainable program of computer education for approximately 800 teachers as well as school students. IDC will appoint and train one unemployed youth member of the community to help each school run its computer lab.
Gavin Holme, Business Head, Wipro Africa, said: "Wipro is committed to supporting the growth of a sustainable economy in South Africa and has over the years unveiled several initiatives in this direction. Many rural schools in the region continue to be disadvantaged by limited levels of access to technology resources, resulting in lower levels of information and communications technology literacy among both teachers and students. Our partnership with the IDC will provide thousands of learners with the access and skills that are essential for the digital age."
He further added: "We are committed to provide a broad range of hardware, software, connectivity, education and program management resources to ensure that we deliver the real impact we have envisioned."

public schools in  South Africa

Wipro is also empowering one of the cleaning employees to start her own cleaning company, called Fortunate for the Women.

public schools in  South Africa

This company will be launched on Sunday, 25th September 2016, at the Spirit of Wipro event.

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