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Wipro has been committed to Latin America by serving customers for more than six years with over 40 clients.

Majority of our teams in the Latin American countries are local nationals who have a strong experience of their local business processes, service offerings and project management.

Our presence in Latin America

  • Presence in 8 major cities across Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina
  • Sales offices in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), and Bagota (Colombia)
  • Development Centers in Curitiba (Brazil), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mexico City (Mexico), and Monterrey (Mexico)

Our differentiators in the Latin American market place

With extensive knowledge of geographic business operations, Wipro has created solutions for clients to capture business opportunities and at the same time to enable their enterprises become profitable, agile, and smart. Over the years, Wipro has differentiated in many ways in the market place including:

  • Best in class industry solutions, technology assets, and business processes
  • Established global delivery network for quality, speed and lower costs
  • Strong partnership with global software vendors
  • Established infrastructure capabilities, including manufacturing footprint through acquisition of Hydraulic Cylinder manufacturer R.K.M Equipamentos Hidraulicos Ltda. in May 2011

Our key Enablers in Latin America

  • Differentiated client engagement: Differentiation at the Front through industry and client insight
  • Deep industry insights: Uncovering key characteristics of industries and offering unique solutions
  • Simplification of Delivery: Delivery models targeting faster, efficient and business aligned KPIs
  • Innovation network: Engage, retain and develop for enabling transformation. Investment in next generation technologies
  • Strategic partnerships with 360 degree relationship: Collaborative offerings and innovation with product partners
  • Culture: Collaboration with customers, employees, partners and community

Our strategic initiatives:

Wipro has invested in multiple delivery centers set up in various locations all over Latin America. They are all aligned with the Wipro global delivery model and effectively leverage Wipro’s global talent from India, Europe and the US.

The delivery center in Curitiba, operational since 2006, boasts of the third best infrastructure setup in the country. It has a capacity of over 550 and a strong pool of locally managed skilled IT professionals catering to both local and global clients. The Near-shore delivery center situated in Mexico also is highly equipped with more than 100 trained professionals.

Clients that we support with these delivery centers include the leading brewer in Latin America, the leading provider of sanitation solutions, a major steel producer, etc.

Our key Strategic Alliances

Microsoft, SAP, Oracle

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